Our service offerings help clients transform their IT systems to adapt to changing market needs. Using accelerated implementation and measurable performance improvement with by proven and tested frameworks and methodologies, we help our clients to build their businesses.
AvK`s Inventory Management System is an Integrated Solution for complete Inventory Control for medium to very large-scale organizations it is ideal for Institutions / Companies / Small business / Manufacturers / Traders etc.
It is easy to create invoice, do inventory management like invoice management, stock balance management, goods item management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock by Inventory Power's user friendly interface and functionalities. And Inventory Power supports full customizable
company info, logo, tax code and value, invoice number etc.

Manufacturing Analysis System featuring Line, Part, Shift, and Plant Analysis modules, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Software v3.1 allows users to analyze productivity of entire plant or drill down to single part or shift. Program integrates real-time plant floor information into corporate financial structure. It monitors and controls production; manages operation modes, batches, and recipes; tracks and analyzes uptime and downtime; manages maintenance; and automatically logs events and alarms.




Factory Management System is designed to help order driven manufacturers manage their facilities. The emphasis of avkWorkShop is on Bills of Material, materials planning, order processing, and scheduling. avkWorkShop includes all the day-to-day functionality that might be expected in a sophisticated manufacturing package as well as many carefully designed extras.



AvK Advanced Enterprise Production Management Software streamlines true production cost tracking, yield of finished products, and packaging and ingredients planning. It provides the tools and information to schedule production and allocate inventory to meet real and forecasted demand. With full process definitions and tracking, the software helps control production at each stage of the process and offers the flexibility to modify formulas to accommodate value-added processing. Actual production variances to standards can be measured, costed and priced accordingly.
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